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07 septiembre, 2012

Date another reader

This english version it’s a translation by Chapu. All my gratitude to him for his (amazingly fast) work!

Esta versión en inglés es una traducción hecha por Chapu. Todo mi agradecimiento a él por su (increiblemente rápido) trabajo!

"Date another reader. Because while you're charging into battle against a horde of orcs, she will carry you on her spaceship, in search of the Second Foundation. You will both be able to have a feast in the Capitol, and a moment later find yourselves having tea with a hatter a little funny in the head.

"Find another reader. You'll recognize each other because both of you will be carrying a book, or two, or more. If the books are different, you will be able to question each other about them, if they are any good; and if the books are the same one, it will be a moment full of magic thanks to that shared universe. And both of you will be able to trust blindly in the fact that the other one believes in that magic, because you live it through the books.

"You will spend countless hours talking about the books you have read, and suggesting books the other one has not read yet. And even more hours discussing the books you did share. And those will be hours you will both be able to treasure forever, and that will make each one of those books you have read richer.

"A perfect date will be to have a cup of coffee in a bookstore, and get lost together in completely different lands. You will be able to stand before every display window with new or used books, and none of you will complain when the other stops to find that long cherished edition amongst rows of year ridden books.

"Surprise her with that book you know she wants since someone lent it to her years ago, that book she never found again. Because you know the value of that surprise, and you understand perfectly the joy of having that book, even though you may have already lived it's story.

"You will be able to share the love for old and dusty books, and turn your private library into a museum. You will also fight for who gets to read first that new book, it's leaves still attached to each other. And you will give books as presents to each other on any occasion, fearing to choose the same title for Christmas.

"You will understand her when you see her weeping for the death of a being she loved, despite it wasn't real, because for her it was real for a moment. And you will know how to hold her, embrace her, and then suggest her that book that always makes you smile so she can liven up.

"Both of you will love some characters, and feel identified with other. You will understand how that world the other one dreams of living in really is, and you will be able to build it for one another and enjoy it together even though nobody else will ever be able to see it or understand it. She will approve of you wanting to be the hero always ready to save her. And you will approve of her being able to stand for herself against That-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, without breaking a sweat.

"When you fight, both of you will know it will be ok, that it is important that some conflict exists, because that's where you find true love. You will be willing to give it another try, to go on ahead when the world seems to be falling apart, because the story has to end with you two together, and nothing can ever stop it.

"You will discuss together if you should name your children in Elven language, or if to name them in honour of one of those who perished in the Battle of Hogwarts. And together you will laugh after thinking of calling him "Edward". Both of you will take your kids by the hand, strolling through a cemetery to meet Nobody, or surprising yourselves to see some magic beans sprout to heaven.

"Date another reader because you deserve it. You deserve someone who understands that you can see a dragon in mid-flight in the middle of the street, and who is able to prepare an arrow, who is willing to shoot it and to fight against it by your side. If you want someone who can share a thousand worlds with you, who can introduce you to new realities and who is able to follow you beyond the reaches of imagination, date another reader."

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